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March 24, 2017
April 2017 Newsletter
April 1, 2017

Everyone’s wish is to have and maintain healthy skin, isn’t it? Well, it is for this very reason that most of the spa clients are seeking wellness as well as esthetic enhancement. Most of you also understand and believe that if you follow a holistic regimen from the inside out, your wellness and skin health will improve significantly.

You, a spa client can also help enhance the process of detoxification, prevent skin cancer, and improve your skin barrier. All you must do is simply undergo tropical spa treatments. It is amazing that they have the potential to do all that. Did you know that these treatments also can shield your immune system? Well, they do.

Throughout this article, we will go through some of the esthetic body services. I believe this will help you understand their full benefits. You will also get to understand how these treatments can help to achieve good skin health, both internally and externally. Below are some of the practices that can significantly contribute to your improved health skin.

Dry Brushing
Do you want to stimulate your lymphatic drainage for systemic body detoxification? Then here is your answer. Drying your skin is an excellent method of exfoliation that does exactly that. A spa that offers dry brushing techniques is just perfect for you since the lymphatic system is believed to be one of the most vital good health maintenance systems in your body. This system regulates fluids and filters poisons in the fluids that are between cells.

Exfoliation for Improved Skin Health

Recent reports have suggested that if you exfoliate your skin on a regular basis, you will get rid of damaged skin cells.  You can prevent the development of skin cancer by simply exfoliating your skin. And, this is not the only benefit of exfoliation.  You get to enhance circulation and detoxifying boosting benefits as well.

Moisturization to Strengthen Your Immune System

Eczema and many other inflammatory skin diseases can prove to be more fatal than we think. When our bodies are tasked with fighting skin diseases, they may tend to tax the immune system. By paying a spa professional who can provide you with hydrating treatments and products, you can improve your immune system.  These treatments and products assist in easing as well as healing skin diseases.

I encourage those of you suffering from skin diseases to seek natural, chemical free body treatments and products that work with your skin instead of stripping it. The acid mantle of your skin is a thin film located on the surface of your skin. It acts as a barrier to bacteria. Using the wrong products could disrupt that mantle hence compromising it. It is for this reason that you should be very careful when choosing the products to use on your skin.

Keep your skin hydrated, and you will be surprised at how much this will help you calm your eczema. The firm and youthful appearance you desire will all be back. Your overall immune system will be enhanced. You will achieve all this simply by improving your skin disorder. After all, it taxes your body.


Taking yoga classes will help balance your mind and body.  This creates a peaceful state of being.


Are you seeking a balanced state of well-being? Massage is a necessity for you. A massage therapist can work with your facial lines with the aim of freeing up blocked and free up bound tissue.  This helps restore graceful movement as well as fluidity within your body. Your nervous system gets rebalanced. This shifts your current rigid instinct to a more relaxed and soft state. It is here that healing begins.


What we eat directly affects our skin from hydration to oil levels and elasticity.  Consuming poor diets deprives your beloved skin of the all-important nutrients it needs to remain healthy; therefore, it is advisable that as a spa client you book appointments with your nutritionists more often.

The above-discussed tips are just a few of the several techniques that spa clients could practice for better skin health. By ensuring our skins remain healthy, we enjoy several benefits. Some of

these benefits include;

  • You will get rid of several diseases that could affect your entire body including cancer-causing The skin plays a vital role as your body’s first line of defense.
  • Healthy skin habits also help cure already existing skin diseases such as eczema.
  • Your skin will have a more appealing look as well as become firmer.

Those are some of the numerous benefits of ensuring your skin remains healthy. In a nutshell, the skin is our largest organ and plays a very important role in protecting our body. We shouldn’t concentrate only on the cover of the skin. Therefore, it is vital to replenish the skin’s moisture all the way down to the deeper layers.

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